About EE Info Center Kaštela

Signing The Energy Charter the town of Kaštela has joined the project “Systematic Energy Management in the towns and districts in the Republic of Croatia” (a SGE Project) that is the master project for promoting energy efficiency in Croatia. The master project “Promotion of the Energy efficiency in Croatia” was initiated in July of 2005 by UNDP and Ministry of Economy Labour and Entrepreneurship of RH with the aim of boosting public awareness for more efficient energy utilization, and also to encourage the use of more economic and energy efficient (EE) technologies, materials and services in Croatia.

The initiation and coordination of all activities on the SGE Project for the town of Kaštela is realized through the Office for  Energy Management of the town of Kaštela(EE Office). The basic role of the EE Office is the continuous  energy and water management in all public buildings under the town auspices by use of the information system for energy management. EE Office has also the role of promoting other EE projects and environment protection as well as  providing advice to the Town Council in bringing decisions that are related to the energy management, water resources and environment protection.

SGE Project is primarily targeted towards structures owned by the local and regional government bodies whereas private owners and the service industry is serviced by other national and local informative campaigns like seminars, free beginners energy survey, consultations as well  as  constitution of info centers for energy efficiency.

That is why EE Center in Kaštela has been established as a place for promotion of sustainable construction, where citizens can get information and be educated  on utilization of renewable energy sources and implementation of measures for energy efficiency by which they can contribute to the town revitalization on the principles of the sustainable development.